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Government Of Assam Science and Technology Assam Energy Development Agency

Solar Home Lighting Systems

It is the most popular solar system used in rural un-electrified areas for its advantages like:
• No fuel cost afterwards
• Easy to install and maintain in toughest geographical locations
• No recurring expenditure afterwards
• Modular in nature
• Environmentally most benign etc.

ItemQuantityExpected LifeSpecific Use
35W Solar PV Module1SPV Modules have reported service life for 15-20 years.Most popular among all Solar PV devices. Designed for un-electrified rural households for daily 4-5 hours of operation.
12 V, 40Ah Tubular plate battery1
9 Watt CFL Lamp2Tubular Plate Batteries are low in maintenance and expected life for 5 years
Overcharge and Deep Discharge Charge Controller1

Systems with bigger capacities like 40W, 75W module are also available in the market.