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Biogas Plant

Biogas production is a clean low carbon technology for efficient management and conversion of organic wastes into clean renewable biogas and organic fertilizer source. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development as well as tackling local (land, air and water) and global pollution.

A device/system which helps in converting the organic waste into gaseous form of Energy) known as ‘Biogas Plant’. The entire process of biogas generation takes place in the close conditions i.e in absence of Oxygen. This state is known as ‘Anaerobic Digestion’. The Biogas Plant/system consists of mainly three components (i.e. feed & slurry handling system, digester & gas holder). The feed material (mixing with required quantity of water) is fed into the plant, the waste material gets digested in presence of anaerobic bacteria in the digester resulting into gas production. The produced gas is collected in Gas Holder and may be used for thermal application or power generation.

Biogas Plant is known as Three-in-One System as provides Fuel, Fertilizer & improves Environmental Sanitation conditions. The biogas plant is considered the best tool for Green House Gases (GHGs) emission reduction in the atmosphere. The selection of model & capacity of Biogas Plant is decided based on the climatic conditions, soil strata, qualitative & quantitative aspects of raw material available.

Biogas obtained by anaerobic digestion of cattle dung and other loose and leafy organic matters/ wastes can be used as energy source for cooking, lighting and other applications like refrigeration, electricity generation and transport applications.